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Our liner is cured by using UV-light. This process is temperature-independent and causes far less carbon-dioxide emissions than other curing methods. This advantage is, in turn, multiplied by the short installation times, without the need for extensive trenching and disturbance to the economic and social infrastructure.


Spot Repairs

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Occasionally when we are inspecting sewers, there are small problems with the pipe, but the pipe as a whole does not necessarily need to be lined. Our spot repair system enables to fix individual problems and helps us to keep time and costs to a minimum.


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We are also able to perform rehabilitation of pressure pipelines for different media such as water, gas and oil. The process is based on a flexible high-pressure hose and a specially developed connection technique. Like our CIPP process, our rehabilitation of pressured pipes is trenchless, cost-effective, and high-quality.

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PipeGuard UV Technology has a fleet of Trenchless Equipment from Ultra Violet Light Trains, UV Patch Systems, CCTV Trucks, Pipe Bursting winches and much more that can be rented. All of our equipment comes with an experienced operator.


We carry an assortment of drain-cleaning machines to suit your needs. Our high-quality camera equipment can quickly and efficiently diagnose any problem. Our hydro-jetting process utilizes high pressure water (4000 psi) to efficiently and effectively cut tree roots and remove grease from sewer lines.



​​Our state of the art camera system allows us to inspect the integrity of sewer lines to determine if there needs to be any repairs made. This also helps us prepare for each job in order to be as efficient and cost-effect as possible.

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