Trenchless Pressurized Pipe Rehabilitation

In order to rehabilitate pressurized pipes, we utilize a top of the line technology called Primus Line. Due to its multi-layered structure and very thin wall thickness, the Primus Line hose provides both flexibility and ultra-high strength material. The inner layer of the hose can be selected for the specific media. The outer layer, regardless of medium, is made of wear-resistant PE. Seamless aramid fabric is between the inner and outer layers, functioning as a static load-bearing layer.

Primus Line is produced in nominal diameters ranging from 6 inches to 20 inches. With short rehabilitation times and rapid recommissioning, Primus Line allows for an inexpensive alternative to open rehabilitation, but also a high-quality method for the renewal of pressure pipes.


Primus Line can be utilized for:

  • Natural gas

  • Petroleum

  • Drinking water and sewage

  • Industrial water and domestic water

  • Salt water

  • Chemicals

  • Abrasive Materials

A Quick Glance at the Primus Line Process:

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