About Us​

PipeGuard is a family owned and operated company that prides itself on its work ethic and ability to complete jobs large and small. They started in 1981 as a residential plumbing company and has grown and expanded into new branches of pipe rehabilitation over the years. 

PipeGuard specializes in a number of different types of Pipe Rehabilitation focusing mostly on trenchless technology. We pride ourselves on staying at the cutting edge of the industry by using the highest quality products on the market so that once a problem has been fixed, it does not need to be addressed again.

PipeGuard has been leading the charge to get Ultra Violet Cured in Place Pipelining accepted on the West Coast. It started in 2012, when they bought their first Ultra Violet Light Train and began installing UV CIPP manhole to manhole as well as UV cured Fiberglass Patches for their local municipalities in Orange County, CA. 

In 2016, they were the first to ever install UV CIPP in the City of Los Angeles by completing the Normandie Sewer Replacement and Rehabilitation Project which consisted of rehabilitating 1.6 miles of 30 to 39 inch diameter sewer. Since then, they have completed numerous other jobs for the City of Los Angeles as well as neighboring city's and municipalities. 

Today, they have a fleet of Ultra Violet Light Train trucks, UV Fiberglass Patch Equipment, CCTV trucks, and much more. They specialize in various types of trenchless technology and are ready to help you today. 

California's Premier Pipe Rehabilitators Using The Most Cutting Edge Trenchless Technology


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