​​UV-Light Cured In Place Pipe Lining (UVCIPP)

Here is a Quick Look at Our Process


This video gives a first-hand look at how the UV Cured in Place Pipelining process is performed in a sewer or a storm drain. Some of the benefits to UV CIPP versus the old felt style include that there is no styrene contamination as the resin is encapsulated, the liner is structural and at times up to 10 times stronger than traditional felt, we are able to CCTV inspect the liner prior to curing, and much more!

At PipeGuard, we utilize the highest of quality product when lining sewers. Using UV-CIPP has many benefits which include seamless installation, styrene free installation, a significantly smaller working footprint, no liner shrinkage and no water is needed for installation!
UV-Curing Benefits


  • UV-liner is proven to be extremely more durable than liners cured with heat. The increased strength allows us to line the same pipe with thinner liner walls, which helps maintain the diameter of the original pipe as much as possible. 

  • The old way of curing liners was with steam. This creates an issue once the liner is cured and the steam is removed, the liner then begins to shrink and it causes a void space between the liner and the host pipe which could reduce the structural integrity.

  • Curing with UV-light is temperature-independent and causes far less CO2 emissions than other curing methods.

  • At PipeGuard, we regularly line 6"-60" pipe, but larger pipes can be accommodated if necessary. 

​No Excavation

The benefits of using UV Cured-In-Place-Pipe (UVCIPP) allows us to repair and rehabilitate pipes from within, and not having to dig them out of the ground. Avoiding the excavation allows us to avoid large construction costs as well as headaches caused from road closures.

UVCIPP repairs also have much quicker installation times which reduces the length of any minor disturbances. In even the most difficult situations we can have a whole pipe relined and back in service within the day.

Seamless Installation

The liners we install are custom made to each individual pipe, based on the length from one manhole to the next, as well as the diameter of the pipe. This allows us to create a seamless pipe from one end to the other, preventing any weak points where root intrusion or water infiltration could enter.

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